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Le prix du MaidSafeCoin (MAID) est de €0.3401 avec une capitalisation totale de €154,973,364.61. Son prix a varié de 2.07% en haut dans les dernières 24 heures.


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    MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
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    452,552,412 MAID
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MaidSafeCoin serves as a token for Safecoin, a decentralized currency for a decentralized network. Safecoin will serve as the currency for the SAFE network, a network made up of the extra hard disk space, processing power, and data connectivity of its users. Think of it as the sharing economy but for your digital resources. MaidSafe is the company developing the SAFE network to save the world from the perils of centralized data storage. In the current paradigm, the best case is corporations use your data to better target you to their advertisers. The worst case is they leak your private data to the public, as Yahoo, Equifax, Target, and many other companies have already done.The SAFE network ultimately wants to “create a secure, autonomous, data-centric, peer-to-peer network as an alternative to the current server-centric model.” There will be two main users of the network: clients and farmers. The client accesses the various features of the network, such as browsing, storing data, or transferring money. The farmers store and look after your data until it’s needed, at which point they might receive a reward for their efforts. The SAFE network is an “encrypted layer that sits on

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